remote control car under 300

remote control car under 300:The remote control cars here are all within 300

  The remote control car is a model car that can be remotely controlled by a 2.4GHz radio remote control. Generally can be divided into: toys, car models (R/C), police and other categories. According to the appearance of the car body, it can be divided into: RV (flat sports car), off-road vehicle, truck, rally car, container truck, etc.

  The remote control model car is abbreviated as RC Car. The remote control model car is not a toy. It is actually a “reduced version of a real car.” Withstand the centrifugal force of 4G equivalent to F1. It also has the control feeling of those super sports cars in real cars.

remote control car under 300

I have a small remote control car. It was a birthday gift from my father on my eighth birthday. I love it.

   Most of its whole body is light blue, and in some places it is black and white, which is really beautiful. It looks cool like a Ferrari car. Its windows are black, and there is a “person” driving inside. Although its rearview mirror is very small, it can clearly see the things behind it. There is a crossbar on the rear of the car. The left and right sides of the crossbar are black and the middle is white. There is an antenna next to the crossbar, which is the key to controlling the whole car. Every time I play a remote control car, I only need to press a button and it will run back and forth obediently. My “Love General” is running fast! The reason it thinks it runs fast is that its wheels are very round and round.

   One Sunday, my friend and I agreed to a race. The venue was at my home. The track was set up with a dozen pairs of shoes. He and I were going to cross the “canyon” set with a dozen pairs of shoes. After three fierce competitions, in the last round when I was about to win, the “love general” suddenly turned off, and my heart was thrown into the air. Just when my friend’s car was about to catch up, “love general” I crossed the finish line in one breath, I won! I jumped three feet high with joy.

   Ah, remote control car, thank you for bringing endless joy to my life.

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