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Mist Spray Remote Control Dinosaurs Toys Electric Dinosaur RC Robot Animals Educational Toys for Children Boys Gifts

Rc Toy Dinosaur Remote Control Animal Intelligent Robot W/ Mist Spray Electric Toys Walking Animals Controlled Toys For Boys Gift

Did you ever see a remote-control dinosaur toy which can roar, slide, walk, spin, dance, sing, tell story, read poetry/tongue twister, spray mist, shoot toy bullets, and program instructions by you?

I would like to recommend such an innovative hobby robotic dinosaur dragon toy for your dear little one. We do believe that any child has a great interest in dinosaur and technology, so we merge these two together.

There is nothing wrong with playing and learning.
Is your child overly dependent on TVs and iPad? Ok, this multifunctional mechanical dragon will keep he/she away electronic equipment for hours. There are so many functions to kids to play, and much knowledge content to learn. Used 2.4G remoted control technology, it allows many of this dinosaur play together. Little one can have fun with his/her brothers, sisters and friends.


Mist Spray Remote Control Dinosaurs Toys Mist Spray Remote Control Dinosaurs Toys

Product Features
Physical functions:
1.Slide/walk forward and backward (speed is adjustable).
2.Automatic presentation: it will show sliding and walking motion after is roared.
3.Programing: edit the sequence of actions or presentation content according to your wishes.
4.Touch interaction: it will show some feedback when you touch its head.
5.Fighting: demonstrates a battle action with sound effects.
6.Dancing: dance with popular music (3 songs).
7.Spray fire/ice: mist come out from the mouth, and the light turn red or blue.
8.Shooting: lunch 3 missiles in a time.
9.Volume increase or decrease.
10.Stop key: to terminate any instructions.

Package Content:
Wing*1 pair
Soft missile*6
Instruction book*1
4.8V rechargeable battery*1
USB Battery charger*1
Little water bottle*2

Kindly Notice:

1.We promise it is 100% brand new, high quality and well packaged. We always check the goods before sending in order to avoid broken item.

2.Welcome to Wholesale or Drop Shipping. If you any questions, please feel free to contact us, Thank you. Wish you have a good shopping time!


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