Single propeller aileronless remote control helicopter


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Six-channel single-propeller aileronless remote control helicopter brushless medium-sized aviation model

Product size: rotor diameter 46 fuselage length 45 height 17

Color box size: 54*26.6*14.8CM

Body battery: Body 11.1V (1500MAH)

Flight time: about 15 minutes

Charging time: 50-60 minutes

Remote control: 2.4G remote control

Remote control distance: 120 meters

Motor: main motor (brushless) 1912 2830KV tail motor (iron core) 050

Configuration: color box packaging*1, aircraft*1, remote control*1, manual*1, adapter+charger*1, fan blade*2, lithium battery*1 accessory package (spare propeller+gear+tail propeller)


1 No aileron design, the aerodynamic principle is adopted to design the blades to provide strong power and body self-stability.

2 Use 1912 2830kv external rotation brushless motor for more powerful power, 11.1v 1500mah 25c high-rate battery

3 3D and 6G (compatible with electronic 3-axis gyroscope and 6-axis gyroscope at the same time) mode integrated remote control can be freely switched

4 The 3D mode uses a 3-axis gyroscope, which is responsive. Can do aerobatics, can easily make roll, inverted flight, hurricane, pendulum and other actions

5 The 6G mode uses a 6-axis gyroscope, and the flight is stable, especially suitable for beginners to fly.

6 6-channel remote control, equipped with 3D special effects IDLE switch, throttle hold TH.HOLD switch, large-screen LCD display, low voltage alarm and other functions. Specially set the hovering midpoint of the aircraft, enter the setting mode to set the hovering point of the aircraft according to your needs.

7 Equipped with a dedicated power adapter and high-precision balance charger.

8 Flying weight 58.5g

Single propeller aileronless remote control helicopter
Single propeller aileronless remote control helicopter


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